Ashley Amigo

Creative Social Arts Program Director

Ashley Amigo leads the Creative Social Arts Program at Amigo Family Counseling, LLC (AFC) under the supervision of Dr. Amigo.  Ashley is a gifted and multi-disciplinary visionary who designed the use of the dramatic arts at AFC to coordinate with Dr. Emilio Amigo’s Respons·ability Social Therapy™ (RST) program.  As an undergraduate, Ashley attended Ohio Northern University for Musical Theater and Dance.  She has experience in the acting world and was filmed and photographed in numerous commercials, industrials, and print work.  For over fifteen years, Ashley has been teaching acting and dance workshops and classes at AFC.  Under her leadership, the Acting Workshop program — a group program for individuals living with Autism and their siblings —has become an essential and influential program at AFC. 

The Acting Workshop program provides a full theatrical experience, including the opportunity for clients to engage in creative theater exercises and games, to learn to memorize lines, to prepare for and rehearse a play, and to perform an actual play at local, well-known theaters in Columbus, OH.  Past performances have been held at the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) building, Otterbein University, the Columbus Performing arts center, the Short North Stage, and MadLab Theatre. 

The acting workshops assist clients with anxiety reduction, social skills development, and self-expression.  Acting requires abilities that are particularly difficult for those with ASD, such as: observing, interpreting, and portraying emotions, engaging in reciprocal conversations, maintaining eye contact, and exhibiting self-awareness and self-confidence.  As a result, Ashley believes that acting is a perfect vehicle for the AFC clients to develop these important skills.  Through AFC's Creative Social Arts Program, Ashley is proud to say that many if not most of AFC’s clients demonstrate significant emotional and social growth. 

Ashley was also the Artistic Director of the three Acting Workshops featured in a documentary filmed at AFC named Learning to Play”.  Viewers of this documentary will be inspired by Ashley’s talents as she serves as the creative force and the compassionate authority behind all workshops, rehearsals, and performances shown in the film.