Career Planning and Employment Support


AFC has been approved by the Department of Developmental Disabilities, State of Ohio, to bring these exciting new services to our current clients who are on the Level 1, Individual Options or the SELF waiver and who reside in Franklin, Delaware, or Fairfield County.  It is Called Career Planning and Support.

According to the new OJFS statute just released in April of 2017, Career Planning and Support is “individualized, person-centered comprehensive employment planning and support that focuses on assisting an individual to identify a career direction, get them on a path to employment, and follow-up with observation and support once they are employed”. 

At Amigo Family Counseling, there are 3 Phases to this new service:


Career Discovery


20 to 25 hours of 1:1 work, interviews and observations to reveal how interests and activities of daily life may be translated into possibilities for integrated employment.


Career Exploration


Assists individual to interact with job holders and observe job tasks based on their Career Discovery Report. 


Job Development Services


The individual develops strategies to attain competitive employment (or even the launch of a small business).  Once a job is started, AFC will provide job coaching, situational observations and liaison work with the employer for a 90 day probationary period.  If adjustments are required after 90 days, AFC will step in as needed.