Executive Clinical Staff


Dr. Emilio Amigo

Founder and Director 

Emilio M. Amigo is a Clinical Psychologist and Director of Amigo Family Counseling, LLC (AFC) in Columbus, Ohio.  Licensed as a mental health therapist since 1986, he specializes in working with individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  Dr. Amigo developed and founded a group therapy treatment program called Respons·ability Social Therapy™ (RST) that garners much attention.  Dr. Amigo, his clinical staff, and his ASD clients were the subjects of a recent documentary film, How to Dance in Ohio, by filmmaker Alexandra Shiva’s Gidalya Pictures.  In addition to his role as Director, Manager, and Supervising Psychologist at AFC, he is also Executive Director of Family Foundations, Inc., a non-profit entity focused on providing a broad range of social services and opportunities for individuals with ASD.  His extensive history in Clinical Psychology work includes not only his longstanding position as a clinic director but also includes these roles: previous owner of a private practice, a full-time professor in the Psychology Department at John Brown University, and an Editorial Columnist for issues pertaining to psychological family health.  Read more about Dr. Amigo here.

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Matthew Wilson

Autism Transition Coach

Matthew Wilson, M.Ed., M.Div., has worked with people on the autism spectrum since 1985 in community, educational and therapeutic settings.  He is a licensed intervention specialist, college professor, and author.  At Amigo Family Counseling , Matthew coaches individuals on the autism spectrum as they transition into adulthood.  Specifically, he mentors individuals with ASD as they explore their interests in post-secondary education and/or as they develop their aspirations for a future a career, empowering them to reach to their fullest potential.   In his 2017 publication "Debut of Diversity: The Emerging Conversation About Autism and Higher Education", Matthew shares a message that those on the autism spectrum are integral members in our society with much to contribute.  Read more about Matthew's services here.



Ashley Amigo

Creative Social Arts Program Director 

Ashley Amigo is the Creative Social Arts Program Director at Amigo Family Counseling, LLC, under the supervision of Dr. Amigo.  As an undergraduate, Ashley attended Ohio Northern University for Musical Theater and Dance.  For over ten years she has been teaching acting and dance classes and workshops at AFC.  Under Ashley's leadership, the Acting Workshop program has become an essential and influential program at AFC.  Past performances have been held at the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) building, Otterbein University, the Columbus Performing arts center, the Short North Stage, and MadLab Theatre.

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Michael Bayda, MSW, LISW

Clinical Social Worker

Michael is an independently Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been providing outpatient psychotherapy services to children (ages 18 months +), adolescents, adults, couples and families in the central Ohio community since 1987.  Michael joined Amigo Family Counseling, LLC (AFC) in 1998.  At AFC, Michael works closely with Dr. Emilio Amigo in assessing individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders who participate in Dr. Amigo’s Respons•ability Social Therapy™ Group Program.  Learn more about Michael's background and his contributions to Amigo Family Counseling here.

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