Dr. Kathryn Vecchio

Marketing Director & Psychological Associate

Kathryn Vecchio, M.S., D.Min., serves as both Marketing Director and Psychological Associate at Amigo Family Counseling, LLC (AFC).  She manages all marketing and publicity activities at Amigo Family Counseling (AFC).  As Marketing Director, she also networks with organizations and facilities to build and sustain their collaborative relationships with AFC.   Previously, as Vice President for Marketing and Development for a psychoeducational firm, Kathryn developed return on investment studies as well as managed and opened national international accounts with Fortune 500 companies.  She brings this knowledge and approach to her position as marketing director at AFC. 

Kathryn’s role as Psychological Associate is based on her extensive work in clinical psychology.  She has been a Licensed Psychologist Associate for 25 years and she served in various agency clinical positions, including city, county, state mental health capacities as well as maintaining a private practice. Kathryn specializes in treating individuals, couples and families, with a primary focus on group therapy and the application of art to therapeutic practices.  

Kathryn also served as Staff Psychologist at a maximum security prison working with death row inmates. Additionally, she started the first HIV support group in Cleveland and delivered test results at the first anonymous HIV test site in the metro area.  She has particular passion and training for those with chronic pain who fall through the cracks in the opiate epidemic.  

Kathryn is also certified from Duke University as an Integrative Medicine Health Coach and has helped clients with dieting, nutrition, stress management, and overall physical and mental well-being.  She is currently initiating and developing an integrative health program at AFC wherein clients can apply holistic mind-body health practices to improve their mental and physical health.  Her approach as an Integrative Health Coach focuses on mindfulness, the reduction of stress and emotional conflict, ways to increase joy and self-love, healthy eating practices, the use of pleasurable exercise, the adherence of one’s prescribed medical regime, and a focus on productivity at work and at home.  Her integrative health practices are soon to be coordinated with AFC’s current and ongoing efforts to help clients acquire and maintain life skills that will assist them in future independent living, schooling, and career endeavors.  The focus of the integrative health program at AFC is to develop and attain tangible sustainable measurable change. This is in keeping with Kathryn's entire career philosophy.