Social Immersion Activities

Social immersion provides a means by which clients experience and practice real life social situations, develop rewarding friendships and build a larger social network.  


Friday Night Social "Community" Groups

  • Friday Night Club

  • Friday Fun Night

Friday Night Club (FNC) and Friday Fun Night (FFN) are "community" groups wherein clients engage in a wide variety of activities in a social gathering atmosphere.  Activities include: movie club, video games, board games, card games, trading card games, music/dance/karaoke, Minecraft, and other activities.  Approximately twenty to thirty clients attend each FNC or FFN event.  Events are supervised by Dr. Amigo and approximately seven to ten staff members assist to facilitate continuous social interaction between group members.  FNC is for clients ages 16 years and older and occurs the first and third Friday of each month.  FFN occurs the second Friday of every month and is for clients and their siblings ages 15 years and younger.

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Friday Night Movie Night

On the fourth Friday of every month, clients aged 16 years and older are invited to view a PG or PG-13 movie together at the local cinema.  Movie Night provides clients with the opportunity to experience a real life, social outing and to develop rewarding friendships with others.